Gimme some Sugar

If you’ve read the introduction to this blog (or if you haven’t), I am going to share thoughts about things going on in my life – just stuff that’s occupying my mind or that I find interesting.

For my first post, I find myself occupied with my mini-honeymoon-long-weekend-extravaganza that took me and my new husband last weekend because oh lord, I would love to go back.  We stayed at The Sugar Hill Inn in Franconia, NH. What an awesome getaway!

Now, I live in NH (save your gun, republican and cow jokes, I’ve heard them all)(seriously), so a vacation in the White Mountains – though it sounded lovely – wasn’t exactly first on my agenda, truth be told. But after our wedding, we realized that financially it made more sense to do something small this year instead of busting our asses to do a longer honeymoon – that’ll be for later.  The Sugar Hill Inn was really fantastic – I was really surprised at how much fun I had while I was there.

We stayed at the Dream Cottage, the Inn’s newest addition. It was flippin’ sweet.

The Dream Cottage

The Dream Cottage

The inside was REDONK. It was my biggest dream come true, which is that it was basically one giant bathroom. It did have a fabulous cabin area, too.

The Cabin

The cute cabin with an awesome fireplace

This was my favorite – the whirlpool baaaaath *trumpets sound* It had cool lights in it, too.


Whirlpool tub

And the beautiful walk in shower – there were like 97 different jets in here, it was amazing.


Walk in shower

It also had a lovely sauna that we did not take advantage of. All in all, probably the nicest hotel/inn room I had ever stayed in. Really amazing.

The rest of the stay was pretty fabulous – the biggest highlight for me outside of the room was the DINNER, omfg. It was a gourmet, 4-course prix fixe extravaganza of flavor and general awesome. Now food and me, we don’t always have the greatest time together, but this is hands down the best food I have EVER had in my entire life.

We nom-ed our way through the amazingness with:

  • A trio of soups (butternut squash, broccoli cheddar (with local cheddar), and potato leek) and pears and some delicious kind of cheese for appetizers
  • Amuse Bouche that was some kind of delicious breaded scallop for my husband and a V8 sorbet for me (I am gluten intolerant) (V8 sorbet sounds odd, but it was tasty)
  • Salad – I had some kind of 3-tomato and arugula salad with honey balsamic dressing (surprisingly good) and my husband had a caesar salad that looked like it was molded into a taco shell – much cooler than I am describing it.
  • Main course: Beef sirloin, medium-rare, over a potato cake with delicious vegetables and Lamb with a fried potato ball and veggies (the sauce on that was incredible)
  • Dessert was an almost-flourless brownie and bread pudding.

Can I go back? Please?

Other good stuff:

  • Breakfast was served every morning, was really, really great and included in our room stay
  • They were really on top of offering gluten-free options at breakfast and dinner – when I told the staff that I was gluten-sensitive, they checked before every meal and always provided me with several options and substitutions
  • The staff was wonderful – friendly and accommodating
  • We got complementary mugs when we left! Yay free stuff!

Overall, if you are looking for a nice weekend getaway, I would highly recommend The Sugar Hill Inn. It made for a great honeymoon, even if we weren’t that far from home. 🙂

I like this idea of finding a nice, local hotel or inn and making a mini-vacation out if it- much more attainable than a long vacation somewhere. Anybody else have good weekend getaway recs?

The Inn

The Inn

the porch of the cottage




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