domesticity ftw

Is it weird that I’m obsessed with having a dining room table? I think it might be a little weird.

We’re moving at the end of October, which is exciting (except for the actual process of moving, uuuughhh).  We’re moving to what I think is a much nicer place, with a much better layout – one of the perks includes a nice, proper dining area.  I don’t know why that thrills me so much…I think it just makes me feel more “home-y” to imagine my delightful dining room table in a cute apartment where I can have people over and entertain with all of the awesome new stuff we got from the wedding cooking fabulous dinners  eeeee


I don’t know why I’m so wrapped up in the idea of being a homemaker lately (sans having babies). I’ve found myself really into the idea of decorating, planning and making a really nice home life for my husband and myself. Maybe because I’m newly married. Maybe I was inspired by the new apartment we’re moving into or the really nice things that our wedding guests gave us as gifts. Probably it’s more like it’s the next big thing to look forward to in the wake of not having a wedding to plan, and not yet being ready to own an actual home.  Sigh.

Anyway, the dining room table that won’t let me go (found at Jordan’s Furniture):

Isn’t it ADORABLE? With the colors and the fabric…love.  I don’t care if it’s weird, I love this table and I must have it.

I wonder if’s rare to get a “nesting” instinct outside of preparing for children.


2 thoughts on “domesticity ftw

  1. Amber was equally obsessed once we had the room for it. You guys should come up sometime and see it (and y’know, play something on it or something) now that we have it.

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