i think i have the next cheesy horror film plot in here somewhere…

I posted about anxiety insomnia the other night – and literally passed out cold at 9pm, completely unable to keep up with my lack of sleep. Being up all night sure makes for a nice, long, marathon run of sleeptimes the next evening.

Speaking of which, I had a pretty effed up dream the other night – one that’s not too horrible when you wake up and think about it, but at the time, in your subconscious, it seems terrifying. I’m a story dreamer – I usually always have one long, connected dream that I remember in the morning. Some have been cool adventures that I really enjoy…others really, really bizarre. Last night’s was practically a horror film.

I was in this creepy neighborhood at night – it had all these really weird houses that looked like normal houses except slightly off: misshapen architecture in various places, strangely placed windows. Each house was dark, and I knew that the neighborhood was haunted, somehow.  I was trapped there – and the longer I was there, I knew that my changes of being sucked into one of the houses increased…didn’t know what would happen if I did, but it felt really scary.

(Ps I need to stop looking at pictures like this, because I’m pretty sure things like this are the source of this particular nightmare:)

So, I don’t know how I knew, but I knew that there was a way out of the neighborhood, but when you found it, you only got one shot at leaving. If you missed it or messed it up, you’d be stuck there forever, at the mercy of whatever was in the houses. I was with another person, and somehow we managed to find the way out — we had to walk up this narrow street until we reached a main road that was in the “real world.” The rules were, however, that we could not look back, stop or hesitate even once – otherwise, we would have lost our chance.

We set on our way – whatever was in the houses sent something to try and stop us, though – these other people appeared behind us and started talking about heading into the neighborhood, not knowing what it was, thinking they’d browse for real estate. I knew it was a ruse, but the person with me turned back to warn them. I started panicking, because I knew they’d never be able to get out again–they had broken the rules and lost their chance.

I turned my head ever so slightly to see if they were in my line of sight, worried about the person I was with…but then when I flicked my gaze back ahead of me, the road had gone, and I was back in the middle of the neighborhood, surrounded by creepy houses, stuck forever. One of the porch lights went on, and I started screaming to wake myself up. Luckily, I didn’t wake up my roommate for the week, haha.

I think I should write this out and sell it to Wes Craven or something. Time to cash out on my freaky dreams.


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