An interesting perspective on changing your thinking

I was afraid to curse myself

I stumbled across this last night – it’s an interesting read on changing thinking that’s detrimental to your life. While she got to a good place for herself at the end of it all, I don’t necessarily agree with some of the conclusions she’s drawn – particularly about the “new age-y scare tactics” comments directed at things like The Secret.

Now, I’ve never read The Secret, so I can’t really make any informed commentary about it, and I’m certainly not defending or advocating it. It just seems like she reacted a certain way about it, and then decided that it was crap based on her reaction…which was actually a function of the thinking she was trying to change in the first place. Kind of funny.

At any rate, she seems to have simultaneously gotten and missed the point that her first therapist and that book was trying to make: be mindful of what you think, because it directs how you live your life. She seems to have gotten that piece…but somehow also decided that her first therapist and The Secret were also telling her to police every single thought that came into her head. I…somehow don’t think that’s what was being communicated. So interesting how thought patterns are so pervasive we can’t even see them sometimes.


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