filling up the days

Today was a good day.

I hung out with the lovely JessB, which is always a fun time. It’s actually the first time I got a chance to see her since the wedding! Busy people are busy. I took her out for a pre-birthday lunch in Hampton (word of warning – please do not get the clam chowder at Sea Ketch in Hampton if you’d like to spend your day NOT feeling icky). The beach was windy and a little chilly, but actually a really nice break from the uber-humidity of late. We then did some mysterious shopping while catching up…very fun. 🙂

In other news, I have purchased a cross-stitch to make myself feel like I’m working toward something on a daily basis (any little thing to help with the post-wedding-lack-of-planning). It’s a really pretty one – blue hydrangeas – and for the first time, I think I’m actually doing it correctly. I’m hoping to be able to put it in a frame in one of the rooms of our new place once we’re there…which canNOT come soon enough. With all the stagnant, hot air, our apartment is not the best place to be right now. I’m looking forward to Sunday…it’s supposed to be pleasant out for a change!


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