Wicked Wine and Brew Fest!

This weekend I managed to make my way to one of the what seems like dozens of beer and wine festivals that are going on this fall in New England. Sam, Ed and I went to the 2nd annual Wicked Wine and Brew Fest in Litchfield, NH at Mel’s Funway Park (formerly Tee Off at Mel’s).

It was a pretty fun day, and a worthwhile trip for next year – $25 dollars got you a oversized shot glass with the Wicked Wine and Brew Fest logo on it, as well as 10 tasting tickets…which ended up being quite a bit of alcohol, as all of the booths were pretty generous with their samples.

Ed's glass and his first beer sample - a dubbel from Martha's Exchange Brewery. He had taken a good sip when I took this - it was full to the brim when they poured it.

The lines were a little tricky at times – people were lined up for samples of, oddly, Sam Adams and Longtrail…beers you can readily get at a grocery store. Ed tried a few from breweries he had never heard of before – Martha’s Exchange and Woodstock Inn – before joining Sam and I in trying out wines as the lines got a little too long. (His favorite ended up being the dubbel – really good, apparently.)

people waiting for beer

My favorites ended up being The Skinny Guinea wine from Zorvino’s Vineyards and a blackberry wine from Haunting Whisper Vineyards. We went back for Zorvino’s wines many times (we found it went great with the Cabot Cheese vendor stand that was not too far away :D).

Enjoying the Skinny Guinea...hah.

Sam, Me and some yummy Zorvino's

One random thing I learned from the Cabot Cheese people – aged cheeses are either lactose free or have very little lactose in them! That was sweet to hear, since technically cheese isn’t the best thing for me to eat. Also cool was a restaurant vendor stand for Woodman’s restaurant that doesn’t use flour in any of their chowders or fried foods! It made sampling foods today quite a fun and easy experience. Yay for gluten-free-friendly!

Another cool vendor stand was the Cozy Tea Cart – a specialty tea shop in Brookline that Sam and I are going to hit up soon.

Cozy Tea Cart

Everything on this table was absolutely delicious. There was tea seed oil with some spices that tasted phenomenal, as well as dark chocolate that had one of their really good teas – TCTC- in it. This chocolate bar tastes like Christmas. The TCTC tea tasted like fall exploded in my mouth. Love. They’re going to do some kind of cooking/tea pairing demonstration on November 6th…might have to go check it out!

Definitely a good day. 🙂 I think it’ll be on the agenda for next year, too.  Also sending good thoughts and vibes to a friend who had her bridal shower in PA today…hope it was a ton of fun!


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