the age old question

So, our Dell laptop is finally dying. I got it as a college graduation present in 2006, so I suppose that it’s served it’s time. It’s been through multiple re-formats, de-frags, and whatever the hell else you do to a computer to make it work right. I think it’s just circling the drain.

So Ed and I are beginning to entertain the idea of getting a new laptop, and for the first time I’m starting to consider a Mac. We have so much music and so many pictures to store…plus, Ed has been getting more and more into editing pics that he takes in the raw on his camera. My general feeling is that Macs are a better idea for this kind of thing.

So what do you think – Mac or PC? If PC, what would be your recommendations?


2 thoughts on “the age old question

  1. Hey Shellie,
    All of my friends own laptops, and through my friends I have had experience with many different brands. MAC PC’s are no good. Their desktop computers are alright, but PC is where you want to go for a laptop.

    Out of my experience, HP is the best when it comes to Laptops (and computers in general, I love HP). They sell very quality computers, with very good specs. They preform extremely well with anything, but for editing, if you can find a good editing program, then an HP will do wonders for you guys.

    My friend owns an HP, and HP Pavilion notebook, and bought it for $600, which came with 450GB memory, and good RAM (cannot remember how much exactly, but it still kicked major ass).

    you can take a look here. Great prices for great computers. I plan to get an HP myself for college.

    I hope you find a computer that suits you the best!

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