Something wicked

This has been bugging me for weeks now: the Ines Sainz issue.

People may have stopped talking about it now, but I was following it for awhile when the story broke. Attractive female reporter enters Jet’s locker room for post-game interview. Something that was construed by some as flirting and by others as harassment happened. Fallout ensues.

Every time I read an article, I made the grave mistake of also reading the comments posted on the article, comments that really made me incredibly sad for how little regard people actually have for each other. Particularly in the editorial piece above, I saw immense amounts of comments on the issue that basically had the flavor of: “Well, she’s a hot woman that dressed hot, and she chose to enter the man-den that is a locker room, so how could she expect anything different than cat calls and inappropriate comments? Plus, she was a beauty queen and therefore a bimbo, so why should she be treated professionally if she’s not acting professional?’

I’ve been so beside myself that this is how a lot of men and women view the issue (yes, a lot of women make the above argument). What burns me the most is the lack of accountability.  I have absolutely no idea why the accountability is all upon an attractive woman to dress herself less hot in order to be respected. Why is it that we can’t just AFFORD RESPECT? Why is it that men are not given ANY credit at all? Why do we say stupid shit like “Men are hardwired to catcall beautiful women. It’s in their nature.” I’m sorry, no dice. We should expect something different. Now, you can think whatever you want to. Nobody’s saying you can’t eye a hot person and think about how good they look. I don’t even see the harm of commenting on it if the person isn’t around. But what should NOT happen is open commentary that makes someone else feel uncomfortable. No matter who you are. I wouldn’t be down with a bunch of women leering at some random guy, either. And it doesn’t matter if the person being called at is fine with it – a lot of people make the argument that Sainz didn’t even care. But the people around her did. That’s enough.

It is on us to make sure that we respect each other.  It’s not somebody else’s problem if our behavior is having a negative impact on another person. And it is on us if we disagree with someone else’s behavior to behave with respect in our disagreements. I’m tired of the blanket statements, the clear prejudice and the old notions. We’ll never agree on everything. I just don’t understand why we can’t agree that basic respect, no matter who you are, is never a bad thing.


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