Gluten-free review: Annie’s Products

I’m always on the hunt for really good gluten-free stuff. It seems like brands are slowly working toward making store-bought, pre-made stuff more delicious, and that is very much appreciated by me. I recently delved into Annie’s Organic, which I’d never tried before.

I desperately need a Kraft Mac and Cheese substitute (or maybe I don’t and I just think I do…nobody was ever better off for eating buttloads of mac and cheese, I’m fairly sure). Last week while looking for a super-quick dinner idea for Ed and me, I found Annie’s Organic made a mac and cheese option with rice pasta.

Annie's Gluten Free Mac and Cheese

I think it has about %85 percent of Kraft’s goodness. Rice pasta isn’t my #1 favorite- I’d prefer a corn-based option – and the cheese sauce isn’t quite as delicious, but it is a good substitution.

While doing some shopping for the week in Philadelphia, I came across Annie’s new gluten-free cookies and decided to pick some up to try:

Gluten Free Bunnie Cookies

While they are edible, they’re not the greatest on several fronts – they’re a bit chalky and they leave a distinct aftertaste – especially the cocoa ones – that doesn’t hit you until a few seconds after you’re done eating. I insist 100% that it tastes like Smarties, but other people have said that they don’t taste that, but it does taste “strange,” even “medicinal” (read: they freaking taste like Smarties).  I probably won’t be picking them up again, but I’ll tolerate them enough to finish what I purchased.

Oh, gluten-freedom. You’re such an adventure.

Wait, Gluten Freedom would be an awesome name for a company!

UPDATE: Dammit, already taken.


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