“Down there, God and the devil had a fight…God won.”

I tuned into the rescue of the Chilean miners today off and on during work; I just witnessed the last of the miners, their boss, come to the surface. I was really, really amazed and happy to witness such a display of the better part of humanity.

I’ve been reading in the news all about horrific bullying and these poor teenagers killing themselves for the past few weeks. It really had me feeling poorly about people…that they could be capable of such cruelty and teach such hateful things to their children. Seeing this rescue effort, seeing the genuine happiness on people’s faces–on the rescued, their families, and the rescuers alike–had me remember that we’re not all bad. That we are capable of great things…we just need to rally around a cause.

Hope and intention are really powerful forces. We need more stuff like this in the world.


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