It’s wedding season!

My husband and I just returned from a fantastic weekend in Philadelphia – at two of our friends’ awesome wedding celebration on Saturday, and visiting other good friends in the area this morning. It was so awesome seeing their wedding ceremony – such a wonderful expression of who they are…fabulous people. πŸ™‚

So 1 flight home, 1 visit to the laundromat and 1 visit to the grocery store later, and we’re finally relaxing at home. (An aside – if you are ever looking to get married in Pennsylvania, Appleford Estate is prime. A beautiful location, a wonderful party.)

We’re heading to another wedding next weekend, too – two friends from college are getting married. I like that there are so many wedding celebrations going on, lately – I think some people get fed up with the dressing up and the weekend time, but I always look forward to them. It’s a total excuse to be happy, celebrate and dance…and eat good food! πŸ™‚




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