Gluten-free discoveries and puppy preparations

So…Whole Foods is awesome, and needs to get its ass up to New Hampshire, pronto. (The nearest one to me is Andover, MA. Laaaame) I’m down in Philadelphia for the week, and my friend JA and I decided to go to Whole Foods instead of our usual Acme/Genuardi’s shopping excursion.  SO worth it.

Everything was labeled so nicely, they had gluten free options everywhere – especially in their prepared foods, which is A+. Wheat flour is so pervasive in store-prepared foods (any pre-made chicken or fish you get is more than likely going to be coated with flour. Same for pre-marinated stuff).

I ALSO discovered that one of my favorite cereals is actually fine for me to eat!!

Pumpkin Flax Plus

It’s made of oats, so people who are sensitive to oats as well as wheat are still unfortunately out of luck, but so far I haven’t had a problem eating oatmeal or anything like that. AND the flour they use as a binding agent is brown rice based, what whaaat. JA said she wishes she had a camera because I was so elated when I read the ingredients.

I’m pumped up by the weirdest stuff, now.

In other terribly exciting news, we are about 5 weeks away from being (potential) puppy owners!! The weekend after next we get to make our trek up to visit Breezemore’s Mini Aussies and hopefully meet our new puppy (insert high pitched squeal here). We’re fourth in line to pick a pup, so we’re crossing our fingers that the two we’ve been eying are 1) still available and 2) are “our” kind of dog.

What “our” kind of dog means is still a bit unknown, but I’m pretty sure that it it involves a pup that is people-focused, a little bit on the mellow side, not too barky…but we’ll see. 🙂 If we do get the pup we want, it looks like I’ll be taking the better part of a week off from work to get him (and me) acclimated. Sooo excited – here’s hoping!



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