home value

Today I’m thinking about real estate, and what kind of home I want.  Yes, I know I just moved. Apparently I have some kind of subconscious NEED to move, no matter how much I bitch about it.

I’m certainly not moving anytime soon, but while strolling around Philadelphia with our friends this past weekend,  we went into an open house that put me in the mood to house-hunt…regardless of whether or not we are ready to buy a home (we are not).

First off, it was a row home, a kind of living situation I have grown more and more enamored with since I’ve started staying in the city with friends regularly. Everything is so close, and the houses can be so cute. The place had some pros – kitchen was very nice, rooms decently sized and it had two decks that overlooked the city. There were 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, which felt pretty damn big for a house in the city.  It had cons as well: it was heavy on the modern feel, and the actual living space of the house was a little awkward. The closet situation wasn’t really the best, either(they had these inserts that didn’t give a lot of room to hang things).

The pro among pros, however, was the master BATHROOM, my God…

Picture it: double vanity. Tile. Pebbled shower floor. Glass door. Wide, stainless steel shower head.  Separate jacuzzi tub with a window that had an impeccable view of center city. Can you imagine? The baths at night with all the city lights? (This, for the record, was my absolute dream bathroom)

At the end of the walk-through, I was like how much for it? How much do you want for this bathroom?

It turns out that they want $449, 000 for that bathroom.


Even if we were in the market for a house at the moment, nearly half a mil isn’t exactly in our budget. Not unless, of course, I sell an ovary, a kidney and 75% of my liver over the next few years. And, truth be told, that house probably wasn’t what we’d really want anyway…while the bathroom sent me spinning with joy, the rest of the house did feel a bit cold.

It just reminds me that buying in the city isn’t exactly the most realistic of ideas.  Particularly not in Boston where even $400k doesn’t get you nearly as far as it does in Philadelphia. Could we make it happen? I think we probably could, if we held off buying for a few more years past our goal and didn’t spend money on anything else. Like vacations or a dog or, you know, food.

So what kind of home do I want? What would be my “dream home” – but the dream home I actually see myself living in? I’m not sure I know just yet. Probably I won’t know until I’m more serious about looking.

What kind of home do you see yourself living in? Are you living in it? Where do you want to be, what kind of house do you want to have?


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