Some random stuff I’m thinking about…
  • I am really anxious about meeting the new pups this time around. I think it’s because we didn’t find “the” dog last time… I worry that maybe this time we won’t, either, or the first person to pick will take the pup that would be best for us. It’s an old habit of mine, this. I was really good about not being this anxious last time. I’ve got to just take it easy and get that it’ll all work out how it should.
  • My company puts on a talent show every year, and this year a bunch of us are going to dance to “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga. I’ve learned the steps for the chorus so far, and it’s going to be farking awesome.
  • I’m going to Philadelphia later this week…looking forward to it, actually. The three-day trips are far easier to manage. This time, JA, MK and I are going to Sang Kee for dinner one evening and I. Can’t. Wait.
  • I forgot to mention that I scored a fantastic pair of boots on Black Friday. (If you go here and scroll down, they are the Ariella boots by Michael Shannon, except mine are a really nice gray.) I particularly like them because they don’t have a heel. I have lost all tolerance for shoes with heels…the last time I wore a pair, I did something messed up to my toe and couldn’t feel the top of it for like, two weeks. WEEKS. Messed up.
  • Almost done “Mockingjay,” the last book in The Hunger Games. I’m finding the last book to be slow compared to the first two. I could not put them down…with this one, I’m finding it’s so dense that I have to force myself to read and re-read each section because I always feel like I missed something. So needless to say, I’m not flying through it like I usually do with a book series I’m really into.
  • I haven’t seen Harry Potter yet. I feel like my sixteen year old self is somewhere blinking at me in utter, horrified disbelief.

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