Vacations and Decorations

I hope you all had a satisfying and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday! I know I was extremely happy to have a four-day weekend…after two days of intense training at work, it was a sweet relief to be able to do whatever the hell I wanted to for several days. πŸ™‚

It was actually a relaxing break – Ed’s mother and niece joined my family for a really fun, really delicious Thanksgiving dinner. I always love hanging out with my family – we end up laughing for hours straight. On Friday, my three little sisters came over to hang out with us, and we made a giant breakfast, braved the malls, and then…ate some more. I was seriously in a food coma for a couple of days, haha. Saturday saw us hanging out with a bunch of friends for a post-Thanksgiving-pre-Christmas celebration, and today was full of Christmas decorating and nothing. Love the life.

We did, however, make out extraordinarily on Black Friday – among the feats of awesome were:

  • Over 200$ worth of products at The Body Shop for about $55. This has become somewhat of a Black Friday tradition for us – we always hit up the mall at 7pm, when everyone else has cleared out for the day, and get redonkulous deals at The Body Shop. This year, the deal was buy any three products in the store and pay only $30 (which is amazing when some of their products are $20 on their own) – AND, if you spent $30, you could buy a really nice bag chock full of additional products for $25 dollars. There was a loooot of good stuff in there. Highly recommend a trip next year if you’re in the need for some lotions/bath stuff – cheap as hell!
  • A new laptop!!! FINALLY. The Dell is barely surviving at this point. We battled with ourselves over whether or not to get a Mac, but the thought of dropping Mac money right now just wasn’t in the cards. So, we compromised and gave each other a Samsung QX410 for Christmas. πŸ™‚ It actually resembles a Mac, and is pretty damn loaded in terms of specs. And it was also not terribly expensive as far as laptops go.

New laptop!

  • We also got lovely art for the walls – we have giant walls in our new place that are giant and white and in desperate need of art. Some of those walls will be filled with wedding pictures- hopefully soon- but we also wanted something nice to put up over our couch in our living room. We found this place at the mall that does awesome photography in split frames – we ended up getting double the discount on our piece because 1) it was Black Friday and 2) the guy who ran the place is our neighbor, hahah – we found out we lived in the same apartment complex, funnily enough. Here’s what it looks like:

Trees and Ocean

It looks really, really lovely with our green couch. πŸ™‚ But a tooootal bitch to hang, haha.

We also got a bunch of Christmas shopping done, which was very clutch. All in all, a satisfying Black Friday experience.

Today we also decorated our place for Christmas – getting into the season!

lights and garland

I have a lot of other things to recommend and thoughts brewing from this weekend – stay tuned and enjoy the last of your weekend!


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