My weekend with real food

I never used to have to think about what I ate. And I never really did. In high school, I used to eat a whole package of those side dishes of rice or noodles that you make on the stovetop – for an after school snack. There were several semesters in college where Hot Pockets and ramen noodles were considered a fantastic dinner choice. And at my first job, I would have what I called “Chicken Nugget Days” – days so shitty that they could only be remedied by a 20 piece Chicken McNugget from Micky D’s.

I don’t eat like that anymore. I’ll be real, I’m pretty sure it’s not by choice, but by necessity. Three years ago my stomach began rejecting gluten – like an outright NO MORE. It took awhile, but once I figured out what was making me feel like crap at least once a day, I cut it right the hell out of my diet. And, as cliche as it may sound, I feel like I got my life back.

Now I’m getting on another train – as if the no gluten isn’t enough of a lifestyle change, I’m now leaning toward an organic, non-processed, whole-ingredient diet. I’m becoming the person that I always kind of thought was a little too concerned with what they ate…and I’m actually okay with that. My husband and I have come across a lot of info of late – some of which I’ll post here over time, some of which you can find in countless food documentaries on Netflix (my husband has watched almost all of them). I think we’re ready to give this “real food” thing a whirl.

I was a little worried how I was going to do this in New Hampshire…we’re not exactly known for our fresh, organic food here. You can’t even grow anything, what, 9 months out of the year? Luckily, we heard about A Market in Manchester, NH, and decided to check it out. Glory upon glories, it was perfect! I walked in and saw words like “raw” and “hemp” and “kombucha” – everything was grass fed and organic, and there were gluten-free options everywhere!

My husband and I walked around, pointing at things like blue eggs, raw honey and seaweed and exclaiming loudly “LOOK AT WHAT THEY HAVE” before I turned to him and said, “Oh we definitely have to shop here now.” It was cool to see all these brands I had never heard of before (and, encouragingly, a lot of brands I DID know and use already). We bought a bunch of stuff, including a kale and chard pre-prepared salad that didn’t taste too earthy.

The rest of the weekend was one real meal after another – we went out to dinner with some friends on Saturday night, and when our original plans went south due to a long wait, we stumbled upon AJs Wood Grill Pizza in Kittery, ME. It was as if the universe saw me wanting to get on the good eating bandwagon and answered in kind. It’s this great little place that makes its own organic pizza dough, its own sauces from scratch and buys local produce and meat whenever possible. And gluten-free pizza! It was delicious.

I also tried to make these this weekend – eggs in a pepper basket:

Can I just say – eggs in any kind of “basket” NEVER end up looking like that. Never! Mine leaked all over the place and that was the end of it – they became scrambled eggs and pepper rings. I’ll have to try again – I won’t be bested by some lame ass peppers.

Last night’s dinner looked like this:

…and cheese and crackers. The crackers, leftover from a party we threw awhile ago, had shit like TBHQ and ammonium bicarbonate in them. We felt bad throwing them out, and wanted to finish them off. As I ate them, I felt my Chicken McNugget self enjoying their buttery goodness…but this time I knew better.

“These,” I said proudly to my husband, “do not count as food.”

All right, I’m on the train. Let’s see where it goes.


3 thoughts on “My weekend with real food

    • Hi Elise – totally great idea! Make sure when you try them out to press down on the peppers quickly after you crack the egg in…otherwise the whites leak out everywhere! It was a disappointing lesson to learn, heh.

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