Going out in the Granite State

I love to pass on recommendations of places to go to people, especially places in New Hampshire. For whatever reason, I have it in my head that there isn’t anything fun to do in NH…I think it’s some kind of combination of leftover teenaged angst about how there’s NOTHING to DO OMG and the fact that I’m not an outdoorsy type of person (camping, ughghghghghg – I’m not cut out for outdoor bathrooms and bugs). And then when I was actually of an age where I could do stuff and had money and a car, I left for a different region altogether. So I’m rediscovering New Hampshire bit by bit, I suppose you could say. Turns out it doesn’t suck all that bad.

If you’re ever in Manchester, NH and want an Irish Pub with no frills or fuss but fairly decent food and cheap drinks, head to The Wild Rover Pub on Kosciuszko street. I met my parents here on Friday night for a drink, right after getting my first ever passport application submitted (woooo) (FINALLY). My mom, being very Irish and loving all things Irish, is a naturally sucker for Irish pubs. They run pretty decent happy hour specials – though the drinks were a smidge on the small side. My mother got hers and proclaimed it was a “baby martini.” I’m not usually a pub person, but I got into it.

Also, if you’re looking for a good hairstylist, go see Christine or any of the girls at 26th on Hanover on – you guessed it- Hanover street. Christine has given me the best haircut I’ve had in a looong time – I’ll share it with you when I take a photo of myself I don’t hate. That…might take some time. But I’m sure it will happen eventually.

If you have any recommendations for ME, New Hampshireites- particularly good places to eat or activities to do – please pass them along!


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