Where do I live? The San Francisco edition

Ok, so I’m sick and tired of having no farking idea about where I want to live. The indecision has less to do with the places themselves and more to do with me being completely unable to make that big of a decision right now due to paralyzing self-doubt and intense over-analysis. Ok, I’m being a bit dramatic. (BUT NOT REALLY OMG.)

The husband and I have had many a circling conversation about the pros and cons of each place on our potential-places-to-set-up-shop list, and we get nowhere, generally…but I’ve never wrote out all of the pros and cons of each one before. So. Let’s do that and see if that helps us any, shall we?


1. I left my heart there. I’m not only being cute, I’m also kind of serious. I LOVE that city. It’s the place that I ever really thought could be “home.”
2. The Bay. The bay is so damn beautiful. I love looking at it – it makes me so happy to see the land formations around it, the boats, the water. I would be on the Embarcadero every Saturday.
3. The food. THE FOOD. Some of the freshest fruits and vegetables I’ve ever eaten have been in San Francisco. Everything I ate out there has been so delicious – and very gluten-free-friendly! And the wine, omg…
4. I have a couple of friends out there that would be really lovely to hang with and explore the area with – they are also hardcore explorers so it would be fun.
5. Berkeley – I love downtown Berkeley. It’s so cute. And the campus, and the neighborhoods and…sigh.
6. Napa Valley- YES PLEASE CAN I GO NOW?
7. I want to be outdoors in the Bay Area, unlike in New England where I always want to be outside but very rarely want to stay there because it’s either -30 degrees or so hot and humid you’re dripping. We have a 30 second spring and a fall if it doesn’t rain and snow through it all, but I love the weather in SF and the surrounding areas.
8. I want to explore more of Cali – Tahoe, Big Sur, the redwoods, etc.
9. I could get a new job in a fun new company – potentially
10. I love the feel of the city – the pace, the people, the neighborhoods.
11. The husband could explore different engineering opportunities in Silicon Valley.
12. San Fran is a pretty dog-friendly place – I feel like B would be happy there.
13. The way I dress would be more acceptable – I feel like I’m way to overdressed for NH. All of the time.

1. It’s kind of redonkulously far away from most of my friends and all of my family. Seeing them frequently would be pretty impossible.
2. I probably couldn’t work at my current job – not for certain, but more than likely I wouldn’t. I would miss it.
3. The Bay Area weather isn’t all the way perfect – can get cold and rainy. I haven’t been out there for a full year’s worth of seasons, so I could be a little disillusioned with how it would be.
4. Ugh, money – moving out there, getting a place, cost of living, trips back east, yuck yuck yuck.
5. Earthquakes. I have this huge fear that the minute I step out there it would be the day the 7.9 hit and liquified the entire freaking city.
6. Driving – I would want to live IN San Fran, and hells to the no would I want to keep a car there or drive anywhere in the city. The hills are SCARY.

So, there you have it. My list. I really have no idea how to weight any of these pros or cons…the love for the city seems equal to the fear of earthquakes which seems equal to the quality of life I see for myself and my husband which seems equal to the appalling cost of living and moving.

Any other pros or cons I haven’t thought of? Opinions or thoughts?


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