Shoes, cameras, and a new NH hangout (aka the weekend’s spoils)

It was a good weekend. It’s the best I’ve been during a weekend before a week of travel in a long time. Considering how I usually gank myself out to the point of ruining said weekend, I think it was overall a win.

In big news, the husband and I have figured out where (regionally) we’d like to live – good old New England. We’ll sort out other details soon enough I suppose, but that felt like a good step forward, and we both feel very solid about the decision!

To further boost my mood, I went and bought myself some things…that always helps. I made a trek down to DSW in Salem in order to find a replacement for my beloved, sparkly Guess flip flops that are nearing the end of their life. I didn’t find them, which is a bummer, but I did find a few pairs that I LOVE and that will definitely be fun this summer.

2 pairs of Roxy Lupe 2 flips – so cute and totally comfortable:

And these lovelies, the Lannea Sandal by G by Guess – mine aren’t gold, but a dark pewter, sort of purple-y in the tint. They’ll be great to dress up or down.

G by Guess sandals

Also, in a quest to take more pictures for this blog, and only having an SLR that is a little bit of a hassle to carry around with me every day, I up and got myself a Nikon s3100 – a very cute, very portable, very nice little camera. It was only 80$, which was perfect, since I didn’t want to go all out on a point and shoot.

I also found a great new place to head to in Bedford while hanging out and catching up with an old, good friend of mine on Saturday. The River Road Tavern is on Route 3, very new and very popular. It opened in December, I do believe, but even this past Saturday it was full of people. The menu looks great, and the drink menus are awesome – tons of craft beers, and I learned that there is a gluten-free option (Angry Orchard Cider, which I have got to try). Their wine menu is organized by “Cheap” “Decent” and “Good”, which is hysterical. We didn’t have any of their food, but the drinks were good, and decently priced…the husband and I are going to get down there one night and go for the whole shabang. The ambiance is really nice, too – it has a very rustic New Hampshire cabin feel to it. Just another place you can add to your list, New Hampshireites…


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