My week in pictures, Philly and back again


A rest at the airport with my red shoes. The airports were so crazy last week that I got told many times I should have clicked my heels and gotten to where I needed to be THAT way instead of waiting in security.

Tuesday night’s babysitting gig and dinner companion and cuteness factor 12.


Dinner at Parc in Philadelphia. I had the privilege of eating with a nun, a former nun, her daughter and her granddaughter.


Spring in Philadelphia. My favorite.


A view of my office, from my desk.


Breakfast at Ant’s Pants. I got a cheddar-apple-bacon scramble and sweet potato fries. I was also out-eaten by a 19-month-old. It was a proud day.

Our breakfast atmosphere. The weather was perfect.

A stroll through Fitler Square

Dinner at Garces Trading Company – the best meal I’ve had…maybe ever. 40$ got you a 5 course meal of the most AMAZING food. The company, however, was better than the meal.

Beer Garden Birthday – Frankford Hall, A Stephen Starr joint. There may or may not have been a lot of drinking.

Cool place


Spring has (finally) come to New Hampshire, too.


A boy and his girlfriend’s sister’s dog.


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