Gluten-Free surprise – British Beer Company in Manchester, NH

My husband and I were driving to our ultra-natural-super-organic-granola-hippie market on Saturday when all of a sudden he perked up as if some sort of hidden beer-radar had gone off inside his head.

“That’s a British Beer Company!!!” he exclaimed. Yes, he actually exclaimed. He was pumped. “I didn’t know they were putting one in!”

Neither did I. Keeping tabs on restaurants that feature British pub food isn’t necessarily a priority on my list of things to do. I imagine the entire place would be covered in gluten and barley, people happily eating pounds of bread and drinking endless vats of beer while watching a soccer match on the telly.

“Ah, what the hell,” I said to my husband. “Do you want to go for lunch tomor-”


There was a time when I wouldn’t even consider going to place that had “Beer” in its title. Not being able to eat gluten usually relegates you to the sidelines at such places, picking at your lone lettuce leaf while everyone else enjoys actual food. Two things have happened since then: 1) I discovered GlutenEase (more on that later) and 2) I decided that I always have more options than I think that I have when it comes to eating. Most places these days have great gluten-free menus, and The British Beer Company is no exception. They offer everything from gluten-free pizza to hot dog rolls, plenty of appetizers and gluten-free beer.

The restaurant in Manchester, NH just opened last Friday, but they really had their stuff together when I went – I did a make-your-own gluten-free pizza (because I have to try every GF pizza that has ever been made), and it was pretty good. The husband got a Reuben that turned out to be fantastic. Their beer list is freaking awesome, too – I recommend checking it out if you’re in the area. They don’t seem to be suffering from new-restaurant-breakdown-syndrome, and the food and service were both great.

Also, if you are like me – not Celiac, but sensitive to gluten – I also recommend giving GlutenEase a try. It’s a pill with digestive enzymes that aid in the breakdown of gluten and casein. I haven’t pushed it too far – I use it only every so often, and I only use it to eat little bits of gluten (like a glass of beer or a piece of cake or a small bowl of pasta), but I’ve had really good results with it so far. If you are full-blown Celiac, however, I don’t think it’s good to take since it does nothing for the allergy. Hopefully they will one day have some kind of remedy for that, too.


2 thoughts on “Gluten-Free surprise – British Beer Company in Manchester, NH

  1. It’s so refreshing to read your perspective and positive outlook. I never worry when we get together that you’ll be able to find something to eat. While this definitely has to do with the growing availability of gluten-free options, I think it has more to do with your commitment to finding options that work and not suffering a limitation in your life. Go Shellie!

    • Thanks, Lara! I appreciate it 🙂

      I started to think about why I come across that way – I think where I come from is that there IS always something to eat that will be good and filling and that I’m not missing anything if I don’t have a meal with gluten in it. I’m actually *choosing* to not eat gluten (because I totally could, there is just a consequence I don’t want to contend with. Plenty of people in my situation don’t pay too much attention to whether or not they are eating gluten and just deal with the side effects if/as they come).

      Knowing that I’m choosing to do something that I feel is better for my health makes me feel more in control, and I think it creates a lot of room for options to show up. I should probably write a whole post about all of this, hahah!

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