Write like Hell

Some months ago, I pulled a completely bonehead move and signed up for a creative writing class.

The reality of it hit me this week, when we got our first assignments. Wait…I’m back in school again? With, like, actual assignments? And grades? Finding time to do homework and watch lectures on top of an extra-full-time job? What in the living hell was I thinking???The answer is, I don’t know. But it seemed like a good idea. I even went hunting for the class. I think I even enrolled other people into the idea of taking this very course. Will somebody please tell future me to stop trying to better herself and just take a nap already?!

Truthfully, I know exactly why I thought that going back into school was a good idea – because it is. I want to be a writer, and I need a swift kick in the ass in the form of paying money and being held accountable and receiving instruction to force my creative side to the surface, and not let me do what I ALWAYS do which is sit down with every intention to write and somehow magically finding my way to Facebook or Pinterest or E! or the laundry or…you get the picture.

So, here we go! I may post a few things that I create over the course of the summer if I’m not too paralyzed with crippling self-analysis. And if they get an A. Of course.


2 thoughts on “Write like Hell

  1. You’re gonna love it, Shellie! I’ve been bad about writing myself lately, and with working only about 5 hrs/4 days a week, there’s no excuse. I need to start doing prompts again; last spring I was pretty prolific with those. Good luck and enjoy!

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