This one’s for North Carolina


After 10 glorious days, I have returned to reality. I spent most of those days here, on the ridiculously amazing shores of Figure 8 Island in North Carolina, surrounded by good food, lots of wine and really great friends.


I’d always been more of a Cape Cod beach vacationer. My husband isn’t necessarily the most beach-going of people (he’s the kind of guy that thrives around 50 degrees. Why we don’t live in ‘Frisco, I don’t know…), so we don’t go very often at all. Figure 8 was a welcome surprise – warm water, beautiful sand and a totally private beach experience. It was definitely husband-approved, and it did more than enough to fill the utter and complete craving I’d been having for a good, long week on a beach.

We rented a baller house on the island – something I really recommend if you have a group of people that you’d love to spend a week hanging out with (splitting the rent between seven people, it was fairly affordable. Also, the house was big enough that I never felt crammed or desperate for space). The whole island is fantastic, and you can’t beat having a huge-ass house right on the ocean with nobody else around to take up your beach real estate with their tents and umbrellas and coolers and kids.

Plus, the view!


Now back to life beyond vacation, I do suppose. I basically hadn’t planned on there being anything else after this 10-day excursion – I was kind of counting on time stopping – but it’s time to re-enter the fray.

But I’ll definitely keep my memories on-hand if I need a little break in the weeks ahead.



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