Almost There

This is my book. It’s almost done.

Well, the first draft, at least. The draft that when you read it back makes you go “WHYYYY” and wonder what the hell you could have been thinking, writing this absolute, utter, complete garbage, and who would ever read this and *crysobflail*.

I also love this draft. I love this story. I’ve gotten to know it and my characters, slowly (that’s how I like it. I’ve never been the love-at-first-sight type. I need time). Over the year and 4 months I’ve been at it, I’m still learning something new about these people and what they are up to, every time I write.

I went out yesterday and printed all but the last few chapters that are in the works. I put them in a cute little green binder and realized that holy shizz, very soon, VERY soon…I will have written a whole freaking book.


Dammit if I didn’t get emotional right there in the middle of the FedEx Kinko’s, holding a three-hole punch, misty-eyed over this thing that I’m creating.

I tend to do things without really getting that I’m doing them. Getting jobs, moving away, singing, performing, building products, leading teams. I look back on the achievement and tend to be like “oh. cool. *kanyeshrug*”

This one is different. I can’t wait to get to the end, see how it will feel once it’s revised and edited and as done as it can be. My labor of love complete.

Then, of course, comes the 3 movie deal. I mean…that’s how this works right?


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