Major House Project #1: The Reading Room

This is my reading room.


I know.

While it is supposed to be a nice, tranquil place to read a book or listen to music or just generally chill out, it essentially functions as a dumping ground for anything that we need to get out of our sight – hence the lovely assortment of CB2 boxes stacked in the corner there.

We painted the room purple when we moved in – an homage and blatant rip off of a color that some of our best friends have in the living room of their Philadelphia row home.

It was lime green before. Like GREEN. With brown trim. It looked like a Muppet barfed on my walls. Like the worst part of 70’s decorating styles came back vengeful and hungry for shame. I’ll have to share the “before” pics we took at some point.

We like the purple (though we’ll probably end up painting it something neutral when we’re ready to move). Everything else though…

Red pillows? Teal curtains? With those walls? Are we serious? WTF sort of psychotic color scheme am I going for, exactly?


The hutch in the above shot was given to us by my grandparents – it belonged to my great-grandmother. It’s beautiful. And see what I’ve done with it? Look closely. Yep, those are Birchboxes. I’ve decorated my antique hutch with BIRCHBOXES. Basically the thinking was – “oh these are kind of purple! Why not toss them in the hutch?!” Don’t act like you aren’t in awe of my resourcefulness and sharp design eye.



This may be my favorite thing happening in this room in the realm of “Ridiculous Decorating Decisions” – we had these curtains left over from our living room. They weren’t wide enough for our windows. So we (naturally) put them in the dumping ground  the reading room. Only problem was, they were way too long for our low windows. So what did I do?

Yep. Cut them. Straight up. Actually not at all straight because WILL YOU LOOK AT THAT LINE?

Clearly I need some help.


Like a lot of help.

Here’s the rundown of everything I want to do in this space. Most of it will be done in January and into the first week of February, but like all decorating and home improvements, it will be an ongoing thing.

SHORT TERM  (Jan – 1st week Feb):

  • Purchase and install new light fixture (the light in there right now a: doesn’t work and b: is hideous. Pictures to come)
  • DIY-ing some curtains, with help from the tutorials on Young House Love 
  • Framing and hanging pictures of our wedding and a gift from a good friend of ours
  • Buying this gorgeous, glorious beauty and hanging it
  • New pillows for the papasan


  • Other general decor – for the bookcase and the hutch
  • Repaint the side table that’s hiding somewhere in the rubble of this room so that it works with the space


  • Repaint the walls a more neutral color
  • Clean up the trim
  • Replace the rug (it’s rather old)



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