Pain in the Neck

This is the situation. I have been having back and neck problems for a good, long while now, and I’m so over it.

I know my issues. My desk situation is the primary culprit – the desk is too low and the chair is too high, so I am craning forward all day. I also sleep like a fetus – all curled up and pushing my head forward weirdly and I somehow strain my shoulder all night by sleeping with one shoulder all ganked out and I dunno.

I threw out my back for the first time a few weeks ago. THAT sucked. I felt my entire lower back wrench to the left while I was (wait for it) reaching down to get leftovers out of the fridge. I know, right? Really overreached on that one.

But I’m 31, you guys. THIRTY ONE. I’m not going to let this dominate me.

So here’s what I’m doing:

  • Got a new, custom mattress from Helix Sleep. Allow me to blow some sunshine here – they’re a pretty cool company. You take a quick survey about your sleeping habits and preferences, and they send you a custom-built mattress – for cheap! Their customer service is also fantastic – the first bed we got was just not doing it for me, and they delivered a new mattress and took away the old one, free of charge. Very responsive and very friendly. The Anti-Comcast.
    • The verdict? I don’t know yet, because I’m sleeping like an asshole. Once I can stop myself from sleeping wonk, I’ll let you know.
  • Osteopathy with Bob at Massage Therapy Works. Oh man. There was a point where I couldn’t move any part of my body without severe pain due my muscles being totally jacked up – particularly in my neck and shoulders. Bob gave me my first pain-free day in a loooong while. Osteopathy works with your muscles and your skeletal structure to treat injury and strengthen how those two systems work together. I don’t know how it works exactly, but I don’t care if it’s voodoo magic. It has really made a difference.
    • The verdict? Working wonders, but not a cure-all.

But here’s where I need your help, ya’ll. I can replace the desk and work on my super-weird sleep posture, but I also need some good back and core strengthening stuff to do.

What do you recommend for good core/back strengthening exercise?  I have been thinking things like Pure Barre, Yoga, etc, but I’m not sure what is best to do when I still have pain that I’m dealing with.

What else do you do to ease chronic pain? You know, other than seven Advil and a shot of tequila.

All suggestions welcome! I’ll just be hunched over my desk, eagerly awaiting your thoughts.





4 thoughts on “Pain in the Neck

  1. Tracy Anderson for a great core routine. Something that includes Pilates maybe? Don’t worry about the pain you now feel. Just start small. Your neck will be sore at first because you compensate for no core strength by lifting with your neck muscles. But that’s ok. The key will be consistency and build. I’m here for cheerleading support! Also get an accountability buddy so you don’t just rely on yourself to do it. I’m happy to be that too!! Love that you’re blogging again. Keep it up!

    • Good call on Tracy Anderson – and yeah, Pure Barre is a combo of Pilates and other strength-building exercises, so I might sign up for that. Tracy A would be good because I can do it at home, too. Once I get my plan down, I’ll be hitting you up to keep my ass honest. ❤

  2. Yoga is awesome – if it’s a good instructor they can create modifications to the poses that suit your needs and body. Yoga will strengthen you like nobody’s business and also give you openness and flexibility like you won’t believe. I personally love hot yoga but it’s fantastic at any temperature. Just watch out for Hatha yoga – I’ve read that the poses can be damaging to your body. The other types are more restorative.

    Also I recommend this YouTube channel:

    It’s a channel dedicated to exercises and stretches to combat the effects of sitting at a desk. I’ve used their tips on days when I have bad neck or back pain and it always helps

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