Time to Make the Curtains

This is my no-sew curtain experience.

You guys. I MADE something for my HOUSE. And I didn’t totally suck at it. I can barely believe it.

I’m not a DIY-type. I’m really more of a DIBuy. Need a new desk? Ikea can handle that! Window Treatments? That’s why God created West Elm.  My entire living room? Basically an ad for Crate and Barrel.

But then I had to deal with these wonk windows in my reading room.


They’re really low  and wide, and for the life of me, I could not DIBuy a solution that really worked.

So I decided to follow the steps of better decorators, bloggers and human beings than me, and followed Young House Love’s tutorial on making no-sew curtains. Because let’s face it – I can’t sew. I can’t even really measure a straight line. So I needed something easy for my First Ever DIY Adventure(tm).

The steps are super-simple. I recommend checking out YHL’s tutorial if you want to replicate the process. Instead, I’ll share stuff I learned as a total and utter DIY novice trying like hell not to run a project into the ground.

  1. Consistency is hard (for me). I had to measure and re-measure and make sure I was placing the tape at the right spots and that it was straight (that was the worst. Why can’t I make straight lines??). But if you are impatient (like me) and want instant results (like me) and aren’t so keen on super nitty gritty details (yeeep), I recommend getting the eff over it and making yourself do it right. Even if that means it takes a long time.
  2. No-sew hem tape is the best. Seriously, so easy. You just measure, lay your tape, iron, fold, iron, done. I used HeatnBond Ultra Hold, and I had no issues. Other than sometimes the paper liner wouldn’t come off easily and you’d have to scrape it off. IMG_5841Look at how straight that line is! And check out those super awesome iron marks that I had to iron out! Yeah, I did that!
  3. Cut your own fabric, or else. Sometimes it was much, much harder to work with the fabric because I had the person I bought it from cut my panels into three separate pieces, and she did not cut straight (I feel your pain, sister). In the future, I’d probably just buy the length of what I needed and cut it myself so that I can ensure a straight edge. I had to compensate by making my curtains shorter than I wanted, though not by too much.


Not perfect, but not too shabby for my first foray out. I feel so accomplished! So productive! I feel like I could reno my whole kitchen! Or, like, maybe at least paint it!

(Oh btw, if you experts see something off in these pictures, just give me like 2 more days before you tell me- I want to ride this DIYHigh for as long as possible, man.)

In true novice fashion, I didn’t get enough HeatnBond for the last panel, so things aren’t quite finished on the curtain front. But more to come soon! I’ll show pics of the finished product once the room is together.


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