Reading Room Reveal: Phase 1

This is my first redecorating project – and it’s done! Well part of it, anyway!

If you recall (or you don’t), I took on sprucing up my reading room for my first house project of the year.

I did some interneting to show you the evolution of this space, over its last three owners. First, we have The Blue Room:

blue room

Looks like it was an office space or something. We have that bookshelf in there right now – how funny. And I guess this room has always been a magnet for strong color. (Was the ceiling brown?!?!)

Then, we have The Muppet Show:

green room

That green looks way more delicate than what it actually was. It was fairly neon. And with the brown trim…not my favorite thing ever. We don’t think this was the color that the previous owners actually had in here – it seems like they did a quick paint job right before selling.

Then, we got to it and threw all our shit in there, along with some crappy hacked up curtains in god awful colors:



Oh, and it had this lovely little light:


Glorious, no? It burnt out like a year and a half ago and we never replaced it. #houseproud

It was long time for this room to get some love. And love it we do. Here it is!

It still needs more finishing touches, but I like it much, much more now. It’s a pretty chill space, which is what I wanted for it in the first place.

Besides clearing out the junk and clutter, here is what we did:

New Light


We had to get rid of that sad little light. It was a crappy fluorescent bulb anyway – now it’s a beautiful, warm light source and it makes a HUGE difference. The light is the Silvain 3 Light Semi Flush Mount by Lite Source , and it is quite pretty in my very humble opinion.

DIY Curtains


Following a tutorial from Young House Love, I made three curtain panels with no-sew hem tape, clip-on curtain rings from Target, and a loooooot of measuring, re-measuring and measuring some more. I like how simple they are, and the white brightens the space a lot against the rich purple of the walls.

Adding a Distressed Mirror


The walls were so bare in here, they needed a little something. One item I was intent on putting up was the Temora Mirror by Fetco. 


It’s a little feminine, a little rustic, and I think it looks gorgeous against the purple walls.

One-of-a-kind Artwork

My good friend Andy Brown took this picture. It was hanging in a restaurant for the longest time – when Ed and I saw it we loved it so much that Andy gave it to us as a gift. I have been wanting  needing to hang it for ages, and we finally made it happen. I’m so happy it’s finally up on that wall!


Other General Decor:

Just some light touches here and there – I’ve wanted a pineapple forever, and we acquired that cute print of Mickey and Minnie on our last Disney trip.

So what’s left for this room:

  • Create a gallery wall over the bookcase (Feb-March)
  • Repaint the trim
  • Replace the rug
  • Repaint the walls something more neutral
  • Keep adding finishing touches to the decor

Not too shabby for my first house project. What are you tackling the home improvement arena lately? I’d love to hear and see your progress!



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