What is For the Good Life?

I’m Shellie, and this….this is my blog. In this little corner of the internet, I shall jump-start my creativity.

You want in? I’m cool if you’re cool.

Quick facts:

  • I’m 31 years old, and have successfully managed to trick many people into thinking I’m a fully functioning adult
  • By day, I am a Leader of Men, Course Designer and Content Writer for a very cool company
  • I love to write. I’m going to write about writing here
    • Totally meta, right?
    • I know
  • I’m writing a novel. You may get some glimpses of that, too
    • But not too many because I’m trying to sell this thing
    • Hey, Mama’s gotta eat
  • I’m married to Ed. He’s awesome. And an engineer. And a runner. And I love him
  • I’m learning how to:
    • Take beautiful photographs
    • Decorate my house
    • Yep, going to post about all that
  • I am a pretty good cook
    • Thank you, Pinterest
  • I have a dog named Brady. He holds the following titles:
    • Best cuddler
    • Fastest Dog Alive
    • Shellie and  Ed’s personal Ambassador to the World

That’s all I got, ya’ll. Enjoy yourself, and this work-in-progress blog.


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